The Sport of Weightlifting is one of the original Olympic sports of the Modern Era with its debut in 1896.

Weightlifting is a barbell sport where athletes of similar bodyweight compete by testing the max weight they can lift a barbell overhead using the snatch and the clean & jerk. The snatch is a two handed lift where the barbell is raised from the ground to overhead in a continuous movement. The clean & jerk is a compound lift requiring the athlete to lift the barbell first to the shoulders before ‘jerking’ it overhead. These lifts test an athlete’s strength, power, balance, flexibility and coordination. Training these lifts require a program that grow these abilities under the supervision of a coach.


If you are curious about weightlifting, but just don’t know what to expect, we have you covered! Come to a Free Trial Class. We offer these one hour sessions once a week on Sundays at 11am. You can come in and we will talk a little bit about the sport and give you some basics to take home.

If you are new to the sport and know you want to get started, sign up for a Private Orientation Package. We highly recommend that athletes who have not performed the snatch or the clean & jerk sign up for our Weightlifting Club Orientation Package. We will schedule with you 3x 1 hour private sessions to teach you the basics of the lifts and common accessory exercises, like the squat, push press and pull variations. After you complete the 3x private sessions your package will continue with 3 weeks of unlimited gym access and individualized programming. For those looking to just learn the lifts, and may live a little too far away, you can sign up for just the Orientation Package without the 3 weeks of gym access.

For those who are morning people and are looking to refine their technique in the lifts or to get started in a class format, we offer a 6 Week Weightlifting Cycle. These 12 classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday at 6am, and are an hour long. The sessions are a series and we focus in detail on the snatch and the clean & jerk. Please click the click below to see when the next cycle is about to get started.


Athletes with lifting experience are recommended to sign up for our Club Membership and join the team! Our Club Membership is a prorated monthly membership that gives you access to individualized programming, direct coaching, competition prep, and game day handling. Club members are encouraged to lift Sunday on the weekend, and Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday evening during the week. The number of training sessions a week will vary based on your lifting experience. Club members DO NOT have to lift only during those sessions. This is just the times we encourage the team to train together. If you are a morning person, let us know and we will get you started with our morning weightlifting coaches.


If you are looking for a place just to lift weights, you found it. You can sign up for our Open Gym Membership to have access to our beautiful facility. This membership is recommended for those who are looking to use our space, and are working with another coach.


Don’t live in Brooklyn? We can help you out. We will set you up with the coach that fits your goals in the sport. The coach will write you personalized programming, and weekly feedback on your lifting. You and your coach are a team in your strength journey.