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Powerlifting is the barbell sport where the three BIG LIFTS are contested: the back squat, bench press, and deadlift.  These three lifts allow the human body to lift immense loads.  This is the sport for those looking to get strong.  Powerlifting is a very approachable sport where anyone can get started AND anyone can get stronger with our coaching staff! 

  • For those curious about the sport and would like to try it, we urge you to sign up for one of our FREE INTRO CLASSES on Saturdays at 11am offered with Coach Matt.  This is a great way to get a feel for the lifts, and a feel for how we coach them.   


  • For those who know they want to sign up already, BUT are new to the sport, we offer two paths.  The first is our PRIVATE ORIENTATION PACKAGE.  This private training package includes three sessions.  We include in this package lessons on the squat, bench press, deadlift, and common accessory movements that we use.  Each training session is one hour in duration, and can be scheduled at times convenient to you.  At the end of orientation your coach will suggest a membership that includes personalized programming.
  • For those with experience we offer two monthly membership options.  If this is your first visit, we urge you to come in on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday night.  This is when Sean, our head coach for the powerlifting club, will be on staff.  He can chat with you about your goals for your lifting and where you currently are as a lifter.  This is highly encouraged for those looking to sign up for our Club Monthly Membership.  This monthly membership offers personalized programming and meet day coaching.  For those with programming, we do offer our Open Gym Membership option.  


  • Athletes who may train somewhere else, or who are just visiting, or are looking for remote coaching, we offer three different options.  We offer DAY PASSES for any athlete looking to use our space.  We have a 10 CLASS PUNCH CARD that is good for one year.  AND we have a REMOTE COACHING OPTION for those looking to get expert weightlifting coaching no matter where they live.  If you are interested in Remote Coaching, please email us at to get started and learn more about it!