Weightlifting is the barbell sport where two lifts are contested: the snatch and the clean & jerk.  This is the only barbell sport that is in the Olympics and is one of the original Olympic sports in the modern Olympic era.  To be successful in the sport of weightlifting an athlete must be strong, fast, and very flexible. Athletes train not only the snatch, clean & jerk, but also the squat, press, and other accessory exercises to prepare the body to be successful with the lifts.

At our Brooklyn Site we offer 12 platforms specifically designed for weightlifting. Our platforms are each fully equipped with competition-style bumper plates, and we have readily available the highest quality Werksan, Uesaka, and Pendlay barbells. We also have available jerk blocks, pull blocks, power racks, cable machines, sleds, dumb bells, and plyo-boxes. We offer onsite coaching specifically for weightlifting on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday evenings and on Sundays.