Weightlifting is the barbell sport where two lifts are contested: the snatch and the clean & jerk.  This is the only barbell sport that is in the Olympics and is one of the original Olympic sports in the modern Olympic era.  To be successful in the sport of weightlifting an athlete must be strong, fast, and very flexible.  The movements are complex, but with our coaching staff we will get you up to speed in no time!

At our Brooklyn site we have onsite weightlifting coaches available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday nights, and on Sundays. We have a combination of Werksan, Uesaka, and Pendlay bars available at our Brooklyn site with 12 lifting platforms outfitted with competition bumper plates. In addition, we have jerk and pulling blocks available for use.

At our Jersey City site we have 4 lifting platforms with a combination of American Barbells, Rogue 28mm and 25mm training bars, and Pendlay bars. The gym is 24/7 access, and is equipped with pulling blocks.