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Meet For All

Join us for a meet meant for everyone on Saturday, July 20th!

This meet is not sanctioned by any federation and will include all three lifts (Squat, Bench, and Deadlift). It is welcome to all experience levels, from high level lifters looking to have some fun in an inclusive space, to novice lifters looking to do their first meet in a super supportive environment. Register now – this meet is limited to 50 lifters!

The Meet will be hosted at Murder of Crows Barbell Club in Brooklyn beginning at 3 PM, and is put on in partnership with the Women’s Strength Coalition.

Competitor’s entrance fee is sliding scale - $30 to $50 - but no one will be turned away if they’re unable to pay. All proceeds from entrance fees will be donated to the Trans Justice Funding Project.

This meet will have accredited judges and competition standards will be used to determine if your lift is good – novice lifters, this is your chance to test out your maxes on a big stage!

Our meet will not have a weigh in, and no equipment check is required. For this meet, we will not require a singlet, but a singlet is preferred. If you choose not to wear a singlet, you still must wear clothes tight enough the judges can accurately assess your lifts. All religious wear will be approved; for example, women may wear modest dress such as a full bodysuit under a singlet and wear knee sleeves above the body suit. Shirts are not required for deadlift, regardless of gender.

This meet is open to, and supportive of, all genders and identities. Lifting order will be determined by first attempt, not gender.

First attempts for all lifts must be sent one week prior to the meet.

Questions? Email the meet director @refoxyfemme Rebecca at

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