The Heights, Jersey City


We are excited for have opened a 24/7 training facility in Jersey City for Weightlifting and Powerlifting! This is a non-staffed facility. We are currently open with four platforms dedicated to the sport of weightlifting, and specialty weightlifting bars from American Barbell, Rogue, and Pendlay. Over the next couple of months we will double the size of the facility with four platforms dedicated to the sport of powerlifting equipped with power racks, IPF certified power bars, and IPF certified competition plates.

Currently we are offering Founder’s Memberships! We only have 4 of these memberships available for $80 per month for our Team Programming Memberships. These memberships are guaranteed not to increase in price as long as the athlete does not allow their membership to lapse.

Athletes who sign up for our monthly membership will receive Team Programming. This facility does not have onsite coaching. For those looking to receive coaching we do offer remote coaching along with our Team Programming for $150 /month.

If you are interested in seeing the space and signing up for a monthly membership, you must schedule an orientation for $25. After you register we will email you to set up your appointment to visit the space, set you up with your key tag for 24/7 access, get you connected with our programming app, and get your monthly membership started! The $25 will go towards your monthly membership once you sign up.

If you are new to weightlifting or powerlifting, you may sign up for our private training package where we will you the basics of the sport in three training sessions. This is highly recommended for those who are brand new to either barbell sport.



$150 - Weightlifting Orientation
$100 - Monthly Membership (includes team programming)