General Programming

Below is some of our general programming for our weightlifters and our powerlifters.  These programs are for athletes who are lifting three times a week.  We highly recommend that you work with a coach to find an appropriate program for you.  Best results are found when a coach is able to write the program that is tailored for your needs and is able to coach you during your training sessions.  BUT we have found that the below programs are helpful if adapted by a coach for your needs. 


Weightlifting - 3 Month Novice Program

This a 12 week general program for an athlete who is new to weightlifting.  It starts with a four week base to improve the overall fitness level of the athlete before two prep cycles.  The squat program is largely linear, and the athlete is exposed to the full competition lifts frequently. 


Weightlifting - 3 Month Competition

This is a 12 week general program for an athlete looking to compete at the end of the cycle.  It assumes general needs for the athlete, and has testing of the lifts a couple weeks before the competition. 


Powerlifting - 3 Month General Program

A 12 week general program to quickly build up your strength in the back squat, bench press, and deadlift.