We are the largest dedicated weightlifting & powerlifting facility in New York City with more coached training times than any other.



Our facility is our home, but it is our lifters and our community that truly make our space unique and welcoming to all. We pride ourselves in being supportive to all our athletes and providing the tools and resources for you to achieve higher than you thought possible.

Competitive and collaborative community of lifters who will make you feel at home and help you achieve your goals for yourself, whatever those might be.
— Jen, Google Review



  • 12x platforms outfitted with bumper plates

  • 15x platforms outfitted with calibrated steel plates

  • 10x 20kg & 10x 15kg weightlifting bars from Werksan and Uesaka

  • 20x 20kg competition powerlifting bars

  • 21x squat racks

  • 2x safety squat bars

  • 1x competition combo rack

  • Dual tower cable machine

  • Full set of dumb bells and adjustable dumb bells

  • 1x jerk blocks and 3x pull blocks

  • GHD bench, adjustable bench and numerous miscellaneous equipment.