Gym Etiquette

As we grow as a gym, we want to make sure all of our members are on the same page regarding  proper etiquette while training at a barbell facility. Below are a few basic rules to live by when training at Murder of Crows Barbell. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask a staff member or email us at

  • Put Stuff Away.

The best rule to live by is as follows: put things back where you found them at the end of your training session. This includes barbells, clips, and any miscellaneous items you may have used during your workout. 

  • Clean Stuff, and Clean As You Go.

We have disinfectant wipes that you can use on the benches, barbells (especially if you bleed on them), and accessory equipment. If your barbell is chalky, scrape off the chalk with the metal brush. 

It is dangerous and bad practice to have weights, shoes, bags, or other items thrown around your platform. We have all been guilty of it! If you are done with a platform you clean up that platform before moving on to your next thing.

  • Use the right stuff. 

If you're powerlifting, please use the barbells against the wall closest to the front door. If you're weightlifting, please use the barbells up against the wall opposite to the banners. For everyone- please do not use the barbells in the green-colored rack- those are personal barbells that can only be used by the owner (unless, of course, you obtain permission from said owner). 

Side note- if you're using the platforms with bumper plates on the side, please only take weights from your platform. Do not take weights from someone else's platform, as they may intend on using them later on in the workout. 

  • Share. 

Especially during evening hours, we may run out of racks, barbells, and / or maybe even weights themselves. Please make sure to be proactive about sharing space with fellow lifters. 

  • Respect space and focus. 

For both powerlifters and weightlifters, do not walk in front of them while they are performing a movement. If you see someone setting up, make sure to stand in their peripheral view and pause until they're done with their set. Sometimes, a lifter may wave you on, but stopping and not breaking that line of sight is always appreciated and expected in a barbell facility. Furthermore, if a lifter has headphones on, please try to respect their space and privacy. 

  • Ask! 

There will always be a coach on staff whenever training at MOCBBC. If you're ever unclear about anything at all, or worried you may be doing something wrong, simply ask a coach for best practices.