Why programming?

“He who fails to plan, is planning to fail.” -  Benjamin Franklin

Programming is the structure by which we elicit desirable, sport-specific, adaptations to the body through the careful manipulation of training variables like volume, intensity, rest, tempo, exercise selection and exercise order.    

Programming is a road map that leads us to where we want to be as an athlete.  It tells you how long you can expect to be traveling, how fast you should travel, where you should stop for sightseeing or pit stops, what turns you can expect to make, and if you need a car, plane, boat, or if you just should walk.  

Without programming you are throwing out the map.  You have wandered into a new city and smashed your GPS.  And while all those who wander are not lost, all those who are lost, wandered.  

That is not to say that you shouldn’t look away from the map, or maybe take an unplanned detour.  Programming is never written in stone.  You may find that during the trip you get a flat tire, a new doughnut shop opened up on your route, or you change the oil and your car starts driving better than it has in years!

It is important to adapt and change the plan as new information becomes apparent.  This is why it is important to communicate with the coaches on staff and have them watching your attempts.  They can tell you if you should speed up, slow down, or even take a different route altogether!

Over the next several weeks we will be sharing the art of cartography with a series of articles.  While these series of articles are not designed to describe the programing we use at Murder of Crows, it does serve as a description of the principles by which we construct our programming for our athletes in weightlifting, powerlifting, and strength and conditioning. 

In the next article, Kaleb Burnett, CSCS, USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach, will be describing the process by which the body adapts to stress and the side effects that body experiences when we stress it.  This is the underlying principle for how we train, and understanding it is essential for how programming is constructed. 

STAY TUNED!  We will be posting more every Tuesday at 10am!