6 Week Weightlifting Cycles for Athletes

Are you a CrossFitter or looking to increase your explosiveness in the sport you play, who suffers every time you have to perform a Snatch or Clean and Jerk?  Do you groan when you see work outs that require overhead squats

Well, we have the solution for you! 

Join our 6 Week Weightlifting Cycle for Athletes!  These series of classes will take you from a novice weightlifter to an expert in 6 weeks!  Coach Kaleb Burnett is a USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach and has worked as a staff member for the USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Course for the past year. 

This 6 week cycle will not interfere with your existing fitness routine, whether that be CrossFit or something else.  The classes are one hour long and are offered Tuesday and Thursday at 6am for 6 weeks.  Each class will stress the importance of correct position to maximize the effectiveness of these challenging, but fun, lifts.  This is perfect for any athlete looking to improve or learn the snatch and clean and jerk. 

The next series of 12 classes will start January 16th

You can sign up by purchasing our 6 Week Weightlifting Cycle Membership for $100


This membership cannot be put on hold and is not refundable.  Please make sure you can commit to all 12 classes before signing up.