Strength & Conditioning Classes!

Here at Murder of Crows Barbell we are starting a brand new program this January 2017 for those who need to get their Strength & Conditioning work done, but only have an hour to do it.  S&C Classes will be offered 6am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  These classes will be taught by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Kaleb Burnett.  Kaleb holds advanced certifications from NSCA, USA Weightlifting and Totten Training.

Each class will feature a barbell strength-building exercise, speed & explosiveness drills, and high-intensity conditioning workouts that will jump-start your mornings. Classes are carefully designed and programmed to get you stronger, more explosive, and more athletic. The best part? You can start right away- no prior experience necessary. Classes are small and are meant to challenge both the novice and veteran athlete alike.   

If you are looking for a program to increase your general fitness and health and/or help compliment your sporting activities (such as running, biking, basketball, soccer, or martial arts), this program is perfect for you. You will see improvements in your strength, quickness, and overall endurance. As an added bonus- you will look and feel like an athlete, who is trained and instructed by a highly qualified coach. 

We offer multiple membership options for our S&C Classes.

  • Monthly S&C Membership for $120 (auto-renews)
  • S&C Class 10 Pack for $120 (expires after 1 year)
  • S&C Drop In at $15. 

This class is included for our Open Gym and Club Members.