Murder of Crows Barbell is an elite weightlifting and powerlifting facility in the heart of Brooklyn

We offer over 18 lifting platforms and expert coaching to our club members and open lifting members.


Why Murder of Crows Barbell?  A murder refers to a group of crows.  Similarly, a group of geese are referred to as a gaggle and a group of owls are referred to as a parliament.  We emphasize the importance of team, and despite competitions in powerlifting and weightlifting being largely about individual performance, training as part of a team is essential for long term growth. 

Our club also gives tribute to the history of Crown Heights.  Crow Hill was the name of our neighborhood before Crown Street was paved in 1910.  Developers were weary of the name due to its association with the Kings County Penitentiary, which was most commonly known as Crow Hill Penitentiary.  The neighborhood saw rapid growth with the name change as the jail was torn down and the subway came to Eastern Parkway.  In 1980 the Crow Hill Community Association was founded and has helped promote a resurgence of the name.